New Zealand Gran Fondo 2020

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New Zealand Gran Fondo 2020

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The New Zealand Gran Fondo sits alongside the Vantage Elite Road Nationals as part of New Zealand’s Cycling Festival – RIDE.

The NZ Gran Fondo comes in two forms, Gran Fondo, 100km, brought to you by Hobbiton Movie Set and the Corto Fondo, 18km, powered by Winger Suzuki.

The Gran Fondo is in it’s second year, showcasing some of Waikato’s most scenic and challenging roads.   This year the course follows the exact route that NZ’s elite riders will follow in their road race the following day.

The 100km course is designed as a challenge for all who take part; if you are finding the Maungakawa hill climb easy, you should be going faster.  Timing mats are set up to capture the Kings and Queens of the Mountain (Maungakawa) in various age brackets.  The race culminates in a party atmosphere in the park where each rider will be awarded their finishers medal.

This year there is a teams competition within the ride, so check out the Teams Category tab for more information

The Corto Fondo is a chance for perhaps the first timers, mature riders or youthful participants to be part of the ride and the atmosphere. Winger Suzuki are right behind this event to support as many people as possible to enjoy the day.  This ride requires an adult to accompany any children under the age of 11 for safety reasons.

February 15 2020


Date: February 15, 2020
Cost: $19
Event Categories:


Unlimited available
Gran Fondo - 100km$99.00Individual entry to the NZ Gran Fondo 100km
Unlimited available
Corto Fondo - 18km$19.00Individual entry to the Corto Fondo 18km ride
Unlimited available
Gran Fondo - 100km - Teams Competition$395.00Team entry to the NZ Gran Fondo 100km Teams Competition
Unlimited available
Corto Fondo - 18km - Teams Competition$90.00Team entry to the NZ Corto Fondo 18km Teams Competition