About Dynamo Events

Who is the multisport event company Dynamo Events?

Dynamo Events is a sports event delivery company that has a commitment to excellence across all facets of the event experience.

It is our vision to be recognised as a leading, professional multisport event company that provides fun, friendly, safe and affordable events.

We aim to create positive, enduring experiences for competitors, supporters, sponsors across all facets of the event lifecycle.

Why Sport?

Dynamo Events recognizes that participating in cycling and running based events fulfils an individual’s deep seated personal needs. It gives you a personal challenge, a sense of identity and a sense of freedom.

The events in the Dynamo Events portfolio allow participants to build a connection with a group in the community, providing them with a sense of belonging. We hope to give people a challenge, let them experience achievement, and get them involved in physical activity, all in a fun, inclusive environment.

How can we do this?

Dynamo Events is led by Stephen and Nathan Cox. These chaps have been involved in Waka-Roc Sports Club since its establishment in 1999 and have a passion for seeing people participate.

Stephen Cox knows cycling and events. He has been organising cycle events since the late 1980s, brought the first ever International Women’s Cycling World Cup to New Zealand, and has received glowing praise from competitors and the UCI (World Cycling Body).

Not only has Stephen been organising cycling events he has also participated – at Olympic level. Stephen represented New Zealand in the 1984 Olympics and 1978, 1982 and 1986 Commonwealth Games in road cycling. Stephen’s long association with cycling covers many areas, including competitor, national coach, national team manager, and club official management.

Nathan’s areas of expertise include marketing, promotion and administration systems. Nathan is a qualified STMS (Site Traffic Management Supervisor) and prepares all the electronic timing for Dynamo Events.

Dynamo Cycling and Sports Club

The Dynamo Cycling and Sports Club is a non-profit club and our main objective is to organize events for people of all ages and abilities. Our motto is to manage events that are ‘Fun, Friendly and Affordable’.

The club has been an incorporated society since 1999 and is affiliated to cycling national body – Bike NZ and The Waikato/BOP Cycling Centre.

Club Membership

You can take out your BikeNZ Licence with the Club or just become an associate club member. A BikeNZ licence is required if you wish to compete in Waikato or national events. All membership enquiries email stephen@dynamoevents.co.nz


The primary role has been to provide a full range of events for everyone. These events are open to everyone and not just club members. Major events now include the BDO Wellington to Auckland 7 day ride, The BDO Tour of Northland, Gib TA Junior Tour and the Winter Series. The club is working on some new and exciting events which will be in place in the next 12 months.

Coaching and Development

New programs for junior and women cycling are being developed and are trialing these now with a number of selected riders. Good progress has been made in this area and more programs will be delivered to a wider range of local riders soon.