Event Details

Entry Fees

Gran Fondo – 103km Ride


Early Bird Special July only


Entries from 1st August 2020


On-Day Entries

Midi Fondo – 67km Ride


Early Bird Special July only


Entries from 1st August 2020

Corto Fondo – 18km Ride


Early Bird Special July only


Entries from 1st August 2020

ON-Day Entries: There will be an additional $10 charged on all On-Day entries.

Start Groups

The New Zealand Gran Fondo will be split into several start groups based on your expected time to complete the course, it is very important that you select the group best suited to you and riding ability.

The Start Groups will be –

Gran Fondo – 103km Event
Start Time for Group 1 will be 9:00am with the rest of the groups to follow at 2 minute intervals

Group 1.

Under 2hr 45

Group 2.

2hr 45 to 3hr 05

Group 3.

3hr 05 to 3hr 25

Group 4.

3hr 25 to 3hr 45

Group 5.

3hr 45 to 4hr 15

Group 6.
(Early Group)

Early Group start at 8-00am If expected time is over 4hr 15

Event CUT OFF – All riders must have finished the event by 2pm
Mid Point CUT OFF – 60km mark (end of Aspin Road prior to starting the French Pass loop)
11-30am which is 3hr 30min from early start.

Midi Fondo – 67km Event
Start Time 9:20am for Group 1 then 2 minutes apart

Group 1.

Group 2.

Group 3.

Under 2hr

2hr to 2hr 20

2hr 20 plus

Corto Fondo – 18km Event
Start Time 9:45am

Group 1.

Under 50min

Group 2.

50min & Over

Recovery Zone

The New Zealand Gran Fondo will have a recovery zone at the finish on Victoria Square for all competitors to enjoy, once you finish and receive your medal you will be directed through the recovery zone to grab yourself a Ride Festival Drink bottle (Filled with cold Water) and a light snack of Fruit and other goodies to refuel after your big ride.


There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd female and 1st, 2nd and 3rd male prizes awarded for each distance, ie. 18km, 67km and 103km.

E-bikes are more than welcome to ride in our events but will not be eligible for the placings.

There will be other more obscure prizes awarded across the 3 distances too.

Drink Stations

There will be 2 Drink/Aid Station out on the course, this will give you the opportunity to stop and replenish your Drink Bottles with Sports Drink or Water to get you through the rest of the ride.

Drink Station 1 – TBC
Drink Station 2 – TBC


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