Event Details

Entry Fees

Gran Fondo – 100km Ride


First 200 Entries or until the 1st October 2019


Entries from 1st October 2019


Teams Competition (Note no Team entries will be taken after 8th Feb 2020)

Corto Fondo – 18km Ride


All Entries


Teams Competition (Note no Team entries will be taken after 8th Feb 2020)

Please note: A late fee of $10 applies on all entries to the Gran Fondo and Corto Fondo received after 8th Feb 2020 this includes On day Entries also.

Start Groups

The New Zealand Gran Fondo will be split into several start groups based on your expected time to complete the course, it is very important that you select the group best suited to you and riding ability.

The Start Groups will be –

100km Event

Group 1.

Under 2hr 45

Group 2.

2hr 45 to 3hr 05

Group 3.

3hr 05 to 3hr 25

Group 4.

3hr 25 to 3hr 45

Group 5.

3hr 45 to 4hr 05

Group 6.

Over 4hr 5min

Group 7.

Early Group start at 8-30am If expected time is over 5hr

18km Event

Group 1.

Under 50min

Group 2.

50min & Over

Teams Competition

100km Event

The only thing better than riding an amazing 100km course, is riding an amazing 100km course with 4 of your mates. 

Grab a team together, encourage each other in training, make the most of the reduced price for teams and go all out to take home the category win for Male Teams, Female Teams or Mixed Teams. 

18km Event

For every work place, school, family or friends group, there is the 18km teams category. This is open to everyone who can ride 18km, all finishers receive a medal and there is even a prize for the first team home with a combined age under 75 and the first team home with the combined age over 75.

What a great way to get your friends and colleagues motivated to get out and ride. Please note all children under the age of 11 will need to be accompanied by an adult. This could be one adult for the team.

Recovery Zone

The New Zealand Gran Fondo will have a recovery zone at the finish on Victoria Square for all competitors to enjoy, once you finish and receive your medal you will be directed through the recovery zone to grab yourself a Ride Festival Drink bottle (Filled with cold Water) and a light snack of Fruit and other goodies to refuel after your big ride.

Prize Giving

Prize Giving will take place at Victoria Square at 3pm.

A Winners Jersey will be awarded to the first placed Male and Female in each of the below divisions.
U19, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+

All finishers of the New Zealand Gran Fondo event will receive a unique finishes medal.

Drink Stations

There will be a Drink/Aid Station out on the course, this will give you the opportunity to stop and replenish your Drink Bottles with Sports Drink or Water to get you through the rest of the ride. Location TBC


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