Event Extras


Arranging Your Own Accommodation

To assist you with finding your own accommodation a list of I-Site information centres along the cycle route have been provided below, The Northland Visitors Centre Network are able to organise multi day packages for you.

Northland Visitor Centres are available on:

Whangarei Visitors Centre
Phone: 09 438 1079
Email: Click Here

Omapere Visitors Centre
Phone: 09 405 8869
Email: Click Here

Paihia Visitors Centre
Phone: 0800 363 463
Email: Click Here

Russell Information Centre
Phone:09 403 8020
Email: Click Here

Buffet Meal

There is buffet meal that has operated in previous years will not be provided this year, we have decided to cancel this option due to the increase in cost of the meal and we don’t see value for money in it anymore for the riders.

The restaurant at the Opononi Hotel will be operating and you are welcome to dine there.

Transport & Ferry


Dynamo Events can transport you and your luggage between stages if required. This transport is to assist those riders who do not have a support person/vehicle driver with them. The transport is only available during the event.

The cost is $30.00 and should be paid when you enter. Upon finishing your day’s ride your luggage will be available from the truck at the finish area. You are also responsible for getting your luggage to the truck in the same area at least half an hour prior to the start each morning.

On Day One, luggage may be left at the luggage truck from 8:00am to 9:30am at start area at the ASB Stadium in Kensington.

You are strongly encouraged to bring a pack that you are able to transport yourself to your accommodation i.e. a backpack rather than a suitcase.

If you forgot to purchase the luggage option when entering you can click Here to purchase it now.

Note: All luggage should be clearly labelled with you name and contact details.


Any Ferry crossings will be at your own cost, we will not be providing a special early morning Ferry on Friday as we have previously done on Sunday mornings. It will be your own responsibility to get your self over from Russell if you choose to say there.

Massage Service

Samantha Tweedle Massage

Dynamo events are proud to announce that Samantha from ST Massage and her team will be providing recovery massage for our 2020 Tour. Samantha has been a part of Lee’s team for the last four years and is now taking on a managerial roll.

Please note! The massage team will be set up in Russell initially follwed by Paihia after day 1 this year to make sure you get the best results from your recovery massage.

This is a cash service only and first come first served. Please email Samantha if you would like to prepay for a massage or series of massages for the week or if you have any questions regarding your recovery massage or our services at info@stmassage.nz