Start Groups

The 2019 Tour of Northland will again be split up into 5 groups. It is important that you select the correct group as you will NOT be able to change groups after entries close. All groups are eligible to win their respective age groups.

Group 3 will be split into 3A and 3B again for 2019. If you wish to ride with friends, please ensure you select the same group when entering.

There will be a limit of 80 riders per group. Entries will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Groups will start in the following order each day with approximately 3 minutes between groups:

Group 1



Group 2



Group 3a



Group 3b



Group 4



How to select your start group for 2019

There will be NO Elite Group – It is now called Group 1 – All riders in this group will now qualify for placing’s in their age group. As a guide use your previous year’s results to help select your appropriate start group. Please take care to select the group that best suits your ability.

Please note many riders that have ridden in Group 3 in the past have not been up to this level and should be riding in Group 4. Stage 1 this year is the hardest stage of the tour, Group 4 will be starting earlier to ensure that all make it to the finish on time.

Group 1

If you have placed 1st to 50th

Group 2

If you have placed 51st to 110th

Group 3a & 3b

If you have placed 111th – 250th

Group 4

If you have placed 251st and above

This method will help riders select a group with other riders of similar ability. If you are unsure, or haven’t completed the Tour before, please contact us at

Please Note – You will not be able to swap groups on the last day as per previous years.