Team Grades

There are 6 different categories available. A maximum of 15 Teams per Grade (90 riders)


Teams in this grade will be made up of Elite / Senior Men, U23 Men & Under 19 Men (Cycling NZ race membership required)


This grade that will those who are not quite up to the Elite level and the top master’s riders. (The Team can be made up of riders of any age group)


This grade is where we see the next level of masters riders and the better recreational riders. (Note – There is no age restriction to riders in these Teams)


This grade is where we see the more social Teams being entered.

Open Women 

The Open Women’s Categories will only go ahead if there is sufficient Teams entered and committed for the 6 rounds. A decision will be made on this once entries close.
Note: This is not for ELITE riders. See results for the 2016/17 series to get an understanding of the ability of the riders in this category. Elite Teams can enter in the other Category best suited to them. Women can also ride in other mixed teams in the other Categories.


  • Teams can be male, female or mixed.
  • A maximum of 6 riders per race, and you can use up to 8 different riders over the series. (You will be able to replace 2 riders from your squad during the Christmas break)
  • Category 1 Teams only will be able to have a squad of 10 this year.
  • How do you select your grade? The first thing should be to ensure all members of your Team are of similar ability. You will clearly know if you should be riding in the Cat 1 or 2 grades. The Cat 3 & 4 grades may take a little more thought.
  • The organisers reserve the right to change a Team or Individual from one grade to another if necessary.